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Shirayuki Fuukin 友禅はんかち【鹿/ラズベリー・キャラメル・シルバー】-Yuzen handkerchief - Deer/raspberry,caramel,silver


・ 素材:綿100% ・    鹿児島産サツマ芋でんぷん糊使用 ・ 用途:はんかち / 赤ちゃんのよだれ拭き / お子様用や小さめのおしぼりとして ・ 原産国:日本 ・ サイズ:約30×30cm(縮率15%) 取り扱い注意 ご使用前にお湯で十分に糊を洗い落してお使いください

Mochiくんが生まれてから、「ハンカチ」がベビーガーゼに変わって、持ち歩いていました。アメリカだとトイレでもペーパーが必ずあるので、いわゆる「ハンカチ」の出番が少ないのも確かです。ベビーガーゼは、Mochiくんのお口周りにも使えるし、背中と肌着の間に入れるとちょっとした汗取りとしても活躍するので、便利に持ち歩いています。そんな時、Moe mamaからいただいた友禅ハンカチ。糊を落として洗うと、ふわふわのはんかちになります!Mochiくんもふわふわだからか、口を拭いてもあまり嫌がりません。使い勝手が良すぎて、さらに柄が可愛いので、持ち歩くのはこのはんかちばかりになっています♪ 



まず、柄選びが楽しいです!和柄や、おとぎ話シリーズ、桜、紅葉、紫陽花などの草木、モダン柄などあり、目移りします。NEST for babyではまずは定番柄といえるもの達を選ばせて頂きましたので、その中から悩んで頂ければと思います(笑)!

柔らかいガーゼと裏生地の合わせなので、結構しっかりしています。タオル生地ほど嵩張らず、バッグやポケットに綺麗に収まります。よく水分を吸い取ってくれるので、赤ちゃんのお世話にもぴったりですし、ご自身のハンカチとしても良いですね。洗濯機で洗えますが、乾燥機に入れると縮んでしまうので、ご注意ください。私はズボラなので、他の洗濯物とで気が付かず何回か乾燥機に入れてしまいました。。。縮率15%とありますが、まさにそれぐらい全体的になってしまいました。目が詰まってしまうので、みなさんはぜひ気をつけてください! 自然乾燥でも、とても乾きが早いので夜お洗濯されたら、朝にはばっちり乾いてます!(カリフォルニアは乾燥しているのもあるのか、干してものの2時間もしない内に乾いてました) とても愛着の持てるハンカチで、持ち歩くときは気分があがります!おすすめしたい商品です。

100% cotton Yuzen handkerchief made by Shirayuki Fuukin. It is soft as silk and absorbent as a towel, this handkerchief can be used in many ways. Each handkerchief is reversible and has a solid-colored back to compliment its Yuzen dyed patterned front. So soft that it is ideal for baby. Because it is compact when folded, it is easy to fit in your pocket and is also popular with men. It becomes softer and fluffier as you wash repeatedly.

• contents: 100% cotton
• Sweet potato starch paste use from Kagoshima
• Made in Japan
• Use: handkerchief/baby washcloth/wet towel
• Size: 30cm x 30cm (11.81 inch x 11.81 inch) 15% shrinkage expected

How to care:

・Before first use, wash cloth well with hot water to rinse out starch. 
Oxygen-based bleach only (No chlorine bleach!)  can be used as necessary. Please follow instruction. 
Do not use dryerFabric may shrink if used in dryer. 


Since Mochi was born, I was carrying a baby gauze washcloth as a handkerchief. In the US, paper towels can be found everywhere so you may not need to carry your own handkerchiefs, but when you have a baby, you want to have it handy to wipe baby's mouth and keep baby dry by using it as a sweat pad.  I received Yuzen handkerchief from Moe mama and fell in love with it. Once after washing out the starch from the fabric, it becomes soft and fluffy. Mochi seems ok when I use this around his face because it is soft. Plus, their print is so cute, I am carrying this handkerchief all the time now.


My sister-in-law recommended Shirayuki Fuukin's handkerchief for their cute prints as well as its quality. I've used their fuukin (dish cloth) already but have not tried the handkerchief and got it right away to see. 

First of all, you will have fun choosing their prints. They offer Japanese motiefs, fairy tale series, sakura, autumn leaves, and hydrangea that represents four seasons in Japan and modern prints, as well. NEST for baby has picked their best seller ones first for you so you don't have to spend hours in front of computer to choose, though we have couple you may have hard time to choose from.

Quality is super. It is a double layered construction with soft gauze fabric and back layer. So it is a good weight and absorbs moistures really well, perfect to use on baby and for yourself. You can machine wash, but please do not use tumble dry!! It will shrink for sure and I've done it by mistake. It is about 15% smaller than original size... It dries really quickly so please do make sure not to put into a dryer!! Otherwise, it is easy to take care and I would love to recommend it to everyone!!!

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