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[New!] hugmamu-綿毛布ポンチョ[ピンクフラワー] - Baby Cotton Blanket Poncho [Pink Flower]

45.00 USD
Color: Pink Flower








・素材:綿100% ・原産国:日本製 ・サイズ: 新生児~2歳くらい      (62x49cm ・お手入れについて:洗濯可 / 弱30度まで / 塩素系漂白NG / アイロン中温 乾燥機の使用は避けてください。
濡れた状態でひっぱらないでください。 はぐまむの綿毛布は、贅沢な超長繊維綿で作られた天然繊維100%の製品です。

ポンチョを着ている赤ちゃんって本当に可愛いですよね♪ ショップを始める前から、何度か友人の出産祝いにポンチョをプレゼントしていますが、いつもとっても喜ばれていて、長い間着てくれた写真を送ってくれるので、私も嬉しいなと思っていました。今回、はぐまむさんのとっても気持ちいい綿毛布のポンチョを入荷できたので、ぜひ、多くの方に喜んで着ていただきたいなと思いました!!ピンクも無添加もシンプルですが、着るととってもおしゃれで可愛いんです。私の一押しギフトアイテムです♡




100% cotton blanket poncho just in from Hugmamu!

Poncho is very convenient with babies. You can just wrap your baby without having sleeves and over any outfit. 

And what is great about this poncho is that it is 100% cotton. Fleece fabric is popular for colder seasons, but it may cause statics and does not have a good ventilation and it gets sweaty. When it comes to babies and kids, breathable cotton would be more comfortable and better choice. 


It must be mentioned how smooth and great this fabric feels. Plus cute pointed ears are added bonus to make your baby even cuter!

This poncho fits infants up to 2 years old from fall into spring. 


・Contents: Cotton 100%  ・Made in Japan ・Size:Newborn up to 2 years old      (About 24.4 x 19.3 inch  (Original size is slightly bigger as shrinkage is expected after wash.) How to care: Machine wash using laundry net in lukewarm water, no bleach, do not tumble dry, line dry in shade recommended, Use medium heat iron ・Due to nature of fabric, compared to the synthetic materials, it tends to be fluffy and may shed. After several wash, it sheds less. You may wash it first without using laundry net alone so it sheds off the excess.  


Poncho on baby is just so cute. I've gifted to some of my friends previously and they always love them and show me pictures as their babies grow up wearing it. So now we have Hugmamu's poncho, definitely it is one of my best choices as a baby gifts. Pink flower and natural ones are simple yet fashionable and go with many outfits!

We were given poncho as a gift or passed down and had a great use of it. When it is sunny, light weight poncho helped blocking the sun. When it is chilly, it kept her warm or blanket on a stroller. When in baby carrier, I used it to wrap her easily. So poncho has a multi-use. But more than anything, I think it is so cute on babies. Hugmamu's poncho is very soft and smooth, perfect for baby's skin.
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