Inujirushi (犬印)

犬印本舗は妊娠初期から後期のマタニティインナー&マタニティアウターから産後ケア商品まで、 安全・安心と快適をお届けするマタニティウェアのトップブランドメーカーで、多数のブランドを展開しています。



Tenderhearted by Inujirushi



Inujirushi Honpo is a top brand manufacturer of maternity wear that delivers safety, security and comfort from maternity inner & maternity outerwear to postpartum care products from early pregnancy to late stage, and has developed numerous brands. Among them, Inujirushi brand handles all the inner wear from early pregnancy to postpartum for pregnant women, hospitalization preparation supplies, breast feeding supplies, bra and girdles. 


Tenderhearted by Inujirushi

"Tenderhearted by Inujirushi" is an organic cotton series of mattenity inner and support wear developed by Inujirushi. Maternity stage and breastfeeding time are special "relax time" for both mother and baby and you spend more time at home than any other time. Tenderhearted would like to deliver comfort to both mom and baby through offering high quality innerwear that is gentle for delicate skin of mother and baby. 

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