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Time Concept - ABCテント♪&リーフフラッグセット ABC TENT & LEAF BANNER



ヨーロッパで大人気のフランスの絵本作家ジャニックコアトによる絵本「ABC bestiaire」のから飛び出したA~Zの名前を持つゆかいな動物たちが描かれた楽しいキッズテントです。





・素材: ポリエステル、スチール他 ・サイズ: テント:直径約100cm×140cm
キッズテントは、1歳過ぎたぐらいからちょっとずつ気になっていたものです。遊び場に行くと置いてあるテントや家の中に入って行って嬉しそうにあそぶ姿をよく見ました!自分の空間っていう感覚を育てるのにもいいのかな〜?と。スペース的にも思ったほど幅を取らないので、2歳のお誕生日に買ってあげようかなと思っています。お揃いのフラッグ・ウォールステッカー・マットと一緒に使ったら、素敵な森の空間になるので、オススメです!! 1歳〜4歳ぐらいのお誕生日やクリスマスには最高のプレゼントになること間違いなしですね!




The delightfully charming animals from Janik Coat's children's picture book come to life with our ABC bestiaire tents!

Look closely and you will notice the fine details and smiling animal faces in Janik Coat's gorgeous artwork. Simply insert the 4 poles into the tent fabric and construct a child's ultimate dream world, promoting and enhancing imaginative play. Perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, graduations, or any special occasion!Made from special fire retardant fabric so play with confidence.

 We have matching ABCfloor mat and wall decals to complete your baby's nursery!


Product Size: φ39.37" h55"

Other Size: StrageBag:w19.70/Leaf Banner:Total Length Approx 110

Package Size: 16.73w 16.34h 3.94d

Origin: China

Note: Tent and leaf banner come with handy storage bag and packaged in a chic cardboard box.Tent and parts can be stored in handy bag.


The kids tent was something I was keeping an eye on for a while since he turned one. When we went to the playground, I see him going into such to play and he enjoys it! It could help him build a sense of having his own space, I think. It does not take that much space as I originally thought, so I am thinking it for his 2nd birthday present. If you use it together with your matching flag / wall sticker and floor mat mat, it will be a nice "forest" space. I highly recommend! It is definitely the best gift for your birthday or Christmas for ages from1 to 4 years old!


I always loved playing in a secret base when I was small. It makes everything special being in the hideaway. Now Moe is turning 2 soon, she loves playing hide and seek and would love having such a tent around the house. My friend in Japan has the same tent by chance and they keep balls inside as a ball playpen. Their daughter is 3 and she is loving the tent. This ABC series is good for both boys and girls. So it is makes a nice gift for birthdays or holidays. And, we also have wall decals to match! As a parents, I would like to create a space where it grows her imagination and creativity. 


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