People Toy Company (乳幼児玩具メーカー・ピープル)


Designed For The Glowing Brain

People Toy Company creates fun and educational baby and children’s lifestyle products for the discerning parent.  Following our core mission, we assist children in achieving critical developmental milestones through play with our innovative product lines. Our products are developed from a parent’s point of view to help make parenting fun and easy yet they cater to the developmental needs of your little one. We take the research and guesswork out of parenting with our continuous life studies R&D so parents can focus on their families and be present.


<Mochi Series>

Today’s generation of parents expect more from their child’s toys. Gone are the days when unsafe chemicals and environmentally unfriendly materials are the standard. The Mochi series were developed with Japanese rice-plastic technology, using 51% rice in their construction. There are no toxic paints or adhesives used in Mochi series, giving you peace of mind knowing the first toy your infant puts in their mouth is 100% green and 100% fun. Mochi prides itself on earth-to-home craftsmanship. In fact, you can even smell the aromatic notes of fresh rice grains as soon as you open the packaging.

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