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Bitatto- ビタット 3枚セット- reusable plastic lid for wet wipes - Pack of 3


本体-PP(韓国製)、粘着部-ウレタン系エラストマー(日本製) ・本体のサイズ:W120×D82×H7 ㎜ 取り出し口のサイズ:30×55mm

アメリカのおしりふきには使い捨てのプラスチックの蓋が付いているものが多いですが、エコではないな〜と思っていました。私たちが「ナチュラルで安心して使えるおしりふき・お口ふき」として愛用するwater wipesは、日本のおしりふきと同様、蓋がついていません。私はしばらくこのペラっとしたビニールの蓋を繰り返して使っていましたが、片手でさっと開けられないことで急いでいる時にはうまく取り出せずにイライラしたりしていました。そんな時、このビタットを旦那さんが日本で見つけて買ってきてくれて、何とおしりふきの開閉が楽になったことか。そして、他のメーカーさんのかわいい柄も試したりしたけど、すぐに剥がれてしまったり、開けにくかったりするものがありました。その点、ビタットは何回繰り返し使ってもしっかりくっつき、安心感があります。フタの開けやすさも私の中では間違いなく一番です!皆さんもぜひ使ってみてくださいね。


Bitatto is a reusable lid for wet wipes. It applies to all types of wet wipes.
It prevents a problem of drying out and keep tissues moist and durable.

It is simple and allows one-handed use! 

You cannot have too many wet wipes when you have baby around. So does the Bitatto reusable lid to keep the wet wipes moist longer! We are offering pack of 3. 

How to use
Step 1: Remove the resealable label from the wet wipes package.
Step 2: Peel off the protective film from the reverse side of Bitatto.
Step 3: Stick the Bitatto on the wet wipes.
Wash with water and allow to dry naturally when the adhesion become weak. It can be washed using a neutral detergent or alcohol to remove oil or grease stains.
Make sure there are no wrinkles, water, oil or dust on the package before applying the Bitatto.
This is not a disposable product. It cn be resued repeatedly. Its life span is subject to usage environment and frequency. ( Over 100 attach & detach tests in our test standards.)
When wet wipes are finished, remove the Bitatto slowly.
Discard if adhesive is damaged or has lost its adhesive strength.
Keep adhesive out of direct sunlight.
Keep out of reach of young children.
See more detailed information on the following website: http://www.bitatto.com/en/

・Main -Polypropylene(made in Korea)    Adhesive -Urethane-based elastomer(made in Japan) ・Size:W120×D82×H7 ㎜ ・Opening size:30×55mm


Most of baby wipes in the US market have disposable plastic lid and I thought it is not really eco-friendly.  We love "water wipes" as it only contains natural fruit extracts and water and safe to use around mouth and face and their package do not come with plastic lid like Japanese wipes. For a while I just peeled the lid off and seal it repeatedly, but when I was in a hurry, I would get frustrated because it is hard to open. When my husband went to Japan, he found a Bitatto reusable plastic lid for wipes and that was a life saver for me!  What a difference did it make!  I've also tried other manufacturer's reusable lids, but Bitatto was the best in my opinion. You can re-use repeatedly without worrying it would come off and lid can be opened by one hand easily. Please give it a try! 
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