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Ikuji Kobo-オーガニックコットン知多木綿甚平スーツ【有松絞り】Organic Cotton Chita Momen Jinbei Set(Arimatsu Shibori/Stripe)



江戸時代から続く伝統産地で生まれた平織ガーゼを採用 知多半島は、江戸時代から続く、国内では比較的大きな綿織物の有力産地として、現在でも約30社が生産をおこなっています。育児工房が地元工場と直接提携して生産しているシンプルな平織ガーゼを素材に採用。糸の数やテンションを調節することでやわらかい独特の肌触りが実現しました。また、産地の特性を生かして生地の生産後の加工でも今では数少なくなった「和ざらし」を採用。やわらかい肌触りと吸水性の良さとともに、使えば使うほどやわらかくなっていくガーゼの良さを生かしています。



・素材:知多木綿二重織市松ガーゼ オーガニックコットン100%
・サイズ:80cm                   肩幅 25.5 cm                   身幅 29.5 cm                   着丈 38.5 cm                   袖丈 10.5 cm                   ウェスト 39 cm                   股上 21 cm                   股下 4.5 cm                  わたり 20 cm                   裾幅 18 cm                                       90cm                   肩幅 28 cm                   身幅 30.5 cm                   着丈 41.5 cm                   袖丈 11.5 cm                   ウェスト 41 cm                   股上 23 cm                   股下 5.5 cm                  わたり 21 cm                   裾幅 18.5 cm size chart




Organic cotton Jinbei is luxuriously soft and comfortable. Jinbei is a Japanese traditional clothing, a type of kimono, worn by men, women, girl, boys and babies during summer.

Finest jinbei using Chita Momen gauze fabric made of organic cotton by Ikuji Kobo. They added "Arimatsu Shibori", a rare dye technique by Japanese craftsman which said no single piece is the same as they are done by hand individually.  Not only summer festivals, but also comfortable to wear as a day and pajamas on a hot day. And unlike yukata, Jinbei is easy to wear especially for small children. 

Ikuji Kobo's jinbei and yukata are very popular at Mitsukoshi and Isetan, highly regarded department stores in Japan.

Chita Momen, plain weave gauze, born in a traditional production area since the Edo period

Chita Peninsula, south of Aichi Prefecture, has been a leading producer of large cotton fabrics since Edo period (between 1603 and 1868) and about 30 companies are still in production to date. Ikuji Kobo works directly with the local producer and achieved soft unique touch by adjusting the number of
threads and tension. In addition, by utilizing the characteristics of the production area, gauze uses "Wa-zarashi", Japanese style bleached cotton, in which it uses slow and no tension method of bleaching that takes 4 days whereas regular bleaching method is harshly pressing cotton to remove particles and completed in 40 to 80 minutes. Wa-zarashi preserves original fiber without being pressed and achieve airy touch. Together with the soft touch and water-absorbing nature, the more you use it,
the softer the gauze it becomes.

Light, soft and silky gauze
Chita cotton gauze is slowly and carefully produced using old looms.
At Ikuji Kobo, by combining old-fashioned technologies, they created light weight and soft gauze cotton that has been used for various products such as their long seller "Gauzeket", multi-use baby blanket, which sells about 8000 units each year, baby wipe and handkerchiefs.


・Contents:Chita momoe gauze 100% organic cotton 
・Style:narrow stripes

・Size:80cm                   Shoulder width 25.5 cm                   Chest width 29.5 cm                   Body length 38.5 cm                   Sleeve length 10.5 cm                   Waist 39 cm                   Rise 21 cm                   Inseam 4.5 cm                   Bottom width 18 cm                                       90cm                   Shoulder width 28 cm                   Chest width 30.5 cm                   Body length 41.5 cm                   Sleeve length 11.5 cm                   Waist 41 cm                   Rise 23 cm                   Inseam 5.5 cm                   Bottom width 18.5 cm size chart

・Dye is done individually and each piece may be different from picture shown.
  *Due to expected shrinkage from this fabric, cut is slightly larger. 


Ever thought Jinbei is kind of stiff? Mochi has couple and although it is 100% cotton and after washings, they remain stiff and crisp. So when we received Ikuji Kobo's jinbei, I was pleasantly surprised how they are soft and feel nice. Plus, it is made of organic cotton. I think it is kind of hard to find. Arimatsu Shibori, Japanese traditional dye, on Chita momen two layer gauze makes it even more special. I think it can really be used as a comfortable daily wear as well as an attire for summer festivals. Price is little high, but when you think about buying pajamas that cost $50, this is somewhat reasonable for its quality!

It is nice that they are using organic cotton for Jinbei and this dye is really authentic and cool. Chita Momen gauze fabric is known for its softness and great absorption, it is a perfect summer outfit. And you cannot find such item here in the US, it makes an unique gift, as well. 
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