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Shirayuki Fuukin 彩ふきん-IRODORI Fuukin


・ 素材:綿50%、レーヨン35%、麻15% ・    鹿児島産サツマ芋でんぷん糊使用 ・ 用途:食器拭き / 野菜拭き / 野菜搾り / 蒸し布 / お弁当包み ・ 原産国:日本 ・ サイズ:約57×57cm 取り扱い注意 ご使用前にお湯で十分に糊を洗い落してお使いください

白雪ふきんは、生活のあちこちでとっても便利に使わせてもらっています。パッケージに入っているときは糊がついていて、パリッとしていますが、少しお水に浸けて糊を落としてから洗うと、あら不思議!とっても柔らかくてふわふわのふきんが現れます♪じゃぶじゃぶ洗いやすくて、汚れも簡単に落ち、すぐ乾くので、とっても清潔に保てます。 子どもがいると、常にテーブルの上はいつも綺麗にしておいてあげたいし、食事中もお水をこぼしちゃったりのハプニングがしょっちゅう起こります。その時にいつもふきんが手元に置いてあるとササっと対応してあげられます。Mochiくんは、私がテーブルを拭く姿をよく見ているからか、離乳食開始中期ごろから、ふきんでテーブルを拭いてくれるようになりました。子供のお手伝いには、ハンカチのサイズがいいかもしれません。実は、私は沐浴布としても使ったことがあります!また、三角にして首に巻けば、ビブとしても可愛いんです♪ どんな場面でもアイディア次第で色々に使えるので、とってもオススメの商品です。



A dish cloth by Shirayuki Fuukin, which is a large-sized thin cloth perfect for wiping dishes. It contains ramie fiber for excellent durability, and has a crisp and silky texture.  This multi-purpose dish cloth won't get fuzzy, which makes it suitable as dishcloth, cheesecloth for cooking, or as a unique way of wrapping fits. Special stitch design represents growing prosperity. It is broadening towards the end, which is called Suehirogari, wishing good luck will come your way from all directions. Touch of Japanese aesthetic makes a great gift.

It is consisted of cotton, rayon and hemp. Viscose is made from wood pulp, a biodegradable recycled fiber and makes this fabric more moisture absorbing and releasing than cotton and ramie and keeps out undesirable odor. 


• contents: 50% cotton, 35% viscose, 15% ramie
• Sweet potato starch paste use from Kagoshima
• Made in Japan
• Use: wiping dishes, cheese cloth, wrapping lunch boxes, etc
• Size: 57cm x 57cm (22.45 inch x 22.45 inch) 15% shrinkage expected

How to care:

・Before first use, wash cloth well with hot water to rinse out starch. 
・Chlorine and oxygen-based bleaches can be used as necessary. Please follow instruction. 
Do not use dryerFabric may shrink if used in dryer. 


Shirayuki Fuukin products are our must-haves at our household. Once you wash out starch before first use, you will be amazed how it becomes soft and nice to the touch. Very soft and fluffy!  It is easy to wash, cleans well, and dries quickly, so you can keep it clean. With my little one around, I try to keep our dining table clean, but occasional spilling and accidents happen during meals. So I have to have fuukin handy all the time to wipe it clean. Mochi learned to wipe the table when he was around 8 to 9 months as he watched me cleaning with it often. For little helpers, Shirayuki Fuukin's handkerchief is going to be a good size for them! We also used it as a bath cloth and a bandana style bib, too.  You can just be creative on how to use!


Why a dishcloth?  Well, I've met Shirayuki Fuukin when I was looking for a small thank you gifts for Moe's baby shower guests and got their yuzen fuukin, dish cloths, at that time. After that, my sister-in-law recommended their handkerchief for babies as they become so soft and fluffy, and then I fell in love with their products more.  At NEST for baby, we would love to carry their yuzen handkerchief and bath towels for babies, but to fully introduce how Shirayuki Fuukin products are wonderful, we cannot leave their fuukin out! So here we have Irodori fuukin, their larger dish cloth with quilt like stitch. It has ramie and viscose, which makes it more durable and also moisture absorbent perfect for dish cloth. A consumption rate of a paper towel is very high in the United States, but using dishcloth in place of paper towel would help saving resources. I always remember how my mother cherish things like dishes, pans, and dish clothes around kitchen and carefully take care of them and use for really long time. I have a lot to learn from her still and wish my daughter would find it in me, too. So I would love to live daily life with respect to limited resources and nature.
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