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[New!] hugmamu-5重ガーゼ ベビースリーパー Baby 2-way lightweight Sleeper (0 up to 3 year old)

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ベストタイプにもなり、股下のホックを留めてロンパースタイプにもなる便利な2way♪ これ、とっても重要なポイントです!あるのとないのでは、めくり上がりも動きやすさも違います。




・素材:綿100%(ガーゼ素材) ・原産国:日本製 ・サイズ:新生児~3歳(95cm)くらい      (約32×54cm) ・お手入れについて:洗濯可 / ネット使用 / 弱30度まで / 塩素系漂白NG / アイロン中温 / 手絞りの場合は弱く / 遠心脱水の場合は短時間で / 日陰のつり干しが良い 乾燥機の使用は避けてください。







Baby sleeper made of 100% cotton gauze material from Japan is a must-have item for babies and toddlers who would move around and have their tummies out.

 Adults are said to sweat about 200 - 500 ml while sleeping. Since children sweat twice as much as an adult depending on their weight. That is a considerable amount of moisture!  So, you want them to wear pajamas, blankets and sleepers that are breathable for comfort during sleep. Gauze fabric is perfect. And this clever sleeper is 2 way, which has a snap button in the middle that converts it into rompers for babies who start walking ♪ This prevents sleeper from flipping up when they move around.

This sleeper can be worn from 0 to 3 years old. You want to choose a good quality one if your baby will wear it for a long time. 

There are kids size (about 3 to 7 years old) available. So cute to match brothers and sisters!


・Contents: Cotton 100% (gauze fabric) ・Made in Japan ・Size:Newborn up to 3 years old (37.4 inch)      (About 12.6 x 21.3 inch (Original size is slightly bigger as shrinkage is expected after wash.) How to care: Machine wash using laundry net in lukewarm water, no bleach, do not tumble dry, line dry in shade recommended  

※Matching baby sleeperskids sleeper (up to 6 years old)baby bibs and baby carrier belt cover are available. 


When Mochi was 3 months old, we went and got a sleeper as he was getting out of swaddle and needed something to cover him during night. This cotton gauze fabric is nice and soft feel, which I love. One we used to use was pull-over type and I attach a snap button at the bottom so it won't flip it up. But this hugmamu sleeper can be worn 2 ways and that is really convenient. Design is also cute. I would love to get both kid's size and kids size for Kai and Mochi!


We received a bath robe by Hugmamu for Moe and since then, I admire their products for its quality. Moe likes wearing the bathrobe when she would not wear any sleeper at night, maybe becuase of its lightweight and soft material. So it became her sleeper for a while during warmer seasons. Now we have the same material in the actual sleeper, I am excited! The fact that you can snap at the bottom is a great feature! 
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