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[New!] Silk Family-絹コットン キッズスパッツ Silk Cotton Kids Tights

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・素材:絹50% コットン46% ポリウレタン4%
・サイズ: SS:85~110cm  置き寸(周囲)/引っ張り寸(周囲)         ウエスト  22cm(44cm)/53cm(106cm)         ヒップ   23cm(46cm)/55cm(110cm)         股上    17cm         股下    35.5cm         足口    7cm(14cm)/25cm(50cm)       S:110~130cm
        ウエスト  23cm(46cm)/56cm(112cm)         ヒップ   23.5cm(47cm)/58cm(116cm)         股上   21cm         股下   44cm         足口    7.5cm(15cm)/26cm(52cm)
・洗濯方法:手洗い ・生産地:日本製(生地・縫製:奈良県) ・天然繊維の為、気候やロット等によりサイズ・縮率が多少前後する場合がございます。 


子供用のスパッツ、アメリカではなかなか売っていないんですよね〜。男の子にスパッツ!?と思うかもしれないですが、スパッツを履いて、その上から夏のハーフパンツを履けばおしゃれスタイルの出来上がりです!!サイズが大きいかな〜と思ったけれど、裾がしまっているので、履かせると自然に裾が収まり、もたつき感や下がって来る感じも全くありません(すごい!)。 素材もシルクコットンなので、全くチクチクせず、Mochiくんも着心地良さそうです♪これは本当にオススメです!子供の服はすぐにサイズアウトしてしまうので、良いものが長〜く着られるのも嬉しいですよね!!


大人顔負けのシルクを使ったレギンスです(笑)。コットン混なので扱いやすいタイプですが、シルクの保温保湿力と、チクチクしない肌触りがオススメです。冬場は、夜クリームを塗っても朝着替える時に肌が乾燥している事も多く、肌着の素材にも気をつけたいと思ってます。レギンス類は化繊のものも多くて、肌に密着するものだし、、、と悩ましいところでした。活発に遊ぶ子でも着やすいように工夫がされていて、着脱も簡単です。履かせてみると、現在身長90センチの娘で足元にくしゅくしゅっとなり、もう2、3シーズン着れそうです。伸縮性抜群なので、動きを制限せず、安心して履かせられます。ワンピースの下はもちろん、パンツとして履いても良い、程よい厚みです。デトックス効果も期待出来ますね!パジャマとしても1枚洗い換えが欲しいな〜〜、と思ってます。 最初は毛羽がオムツに付いたりして気になるかもしれません。


Silk Family's long seller item, Silk Cotton Kids leggings is here!

It was requested by mothers for a long time and finally they made it for kids! And it became a one of the most popular items at Silk Family.  It is comfortable and has great elasticity, so your baby can wear it for a long time. Polyurethane core is spunned on the inside so that silk is the only fiber touching the skin. So even children with weak skin can wear. 

Elastic band on the waist is wide so that it does not constrain movement and also can be replaced with longer band if needed to fit growing kids over time. 


・Contents: Silk 50%, Cotton 46%, Polyurethane 4%

*Yarn is knitted so that polyurethane is on the inside the cotton and silk is the only material that touches the skin.

・Size:SS size   for 33.46 ~ 43.31 inch height - 85~110cm                               Width (circumference) / Width when stretched (circumference)         Waist 8.66 inch (17.32inch) / 20.87 inch (41.73 inch)         Hip  9.05 inch (18.11 inch) / 21.65 inch (43.31 inch)         Rise   6.7 inch         Inseam   13.98 inch         Thigh opening   2.76 inch (5.51 inch ) / 9.85 inch (19.69 inch)     S size     for 43.31 ~ 51.18 inch height -110~130cm
        Waist 9.06 inch (18.11 inch) / 22.05 inch (44.09 inch)         Hip  9.25 inch (18.5 inch) / 22.83 inch (45.67 inch)         Rise   8.27 inch         Inseam   17.32 inch         Thigh opening   2.95 inch (5.91 inch) / 10.24 inch (20.47 inch)

・Washing instruction:Hand wash.  Use neutral detergent or silk/wool detergent.                           
Lay flat to dry in shade                           
・Made in Japan
・Due to using natural fiber, there may be slight variations in sizes and shrinkage. 
・Please note that colors may appear different depending on the computer screen settings.


It's hard to find this type of leggins here. You may wonder leggins for boys!? If you layer it with shorts, that's a good style!  I have SS size for Mochi and it looked big at first, but it is just a right fit since the bottom rib works to adjust its length naturally.

Fabric is silk and cotton, which is smooth and natural, Mochi seems comfortable in. I highly recommend this! Plus, it can be worn for several seasons, which is also great.

It is a wonderful leggings made of silk and cotton, just like adults! Since outer layer is cotton, it is not too delicate and easy care, inner layer is silk which provides moisture and smooth against skin. During winter time, I am always concern about dry skin and would prefer choosing natural fibers. Tights and leggins in general has synthetic fibers for stretchability. This one does have it for that reason, but the synthetic yarn is at the core and silk or cotton is on the outside.  And it is made for the children who are naturally active! Easy to put it on and off, too. My daughter is about 90 cm height right now and it has a plenty of room to grow, and rib at the bottom keeps it cushy. I think she can use it for 2 or 3 more years!? She looks very comfy in it and I would love to have another pair as a pajama. You can wear it alone as a pants or under skirts for extra warmth during colder months. 


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