Sizing chart (サイズチャート)

We put together comparative sizing charts of Japan and US sizes for your reference.  Sizing may vary from brands to brands. On each page, we have specs provided by each brand for your further guidance. Kindly refer to them for further. 


Baby: clothing sizing


*US sizing referred to BABIESRUS sizing guide. Please note that sizing fit may vary depending on the brand.



<Diaper Size> 

Baby: diaper sizing

*US サイズはPampersを参照

*US sizing referred to Pampers



<BABY size & growth chart>




(例)1月生まれの子供の場合、3ヶ月後の60サイズなら春物、6ヶ月後の70 サイズなら夏物、そして12ヶ月後の80サイズなら冬のもの、と目安にしていただけます。

If you are choosing baby clothing as a gift, below chart is to show baby's growth and size depending on which month they are born and season.  Choosing appropriate size and season is a key to successful gift giving!

(Example) If baby is born in January, if you are choosing 3 months/size 60 (in Japanese sizing), you may want to choose clothing for spring, 6 months/size 70 would be summer, and 12 months/size 80 would be winter.  



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