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Fabric Plus- ガーゼ湯上りタオル 【ドット柄】Baby muslin bath towel: dot

赤ちゃんに安心なコットン100%、メイドインジャパン、エコテックス認証素材の、出産準備に欠かせない湯上りタオルです。湯上りの赤ちゃんをタオルで巻いて抱く時は、厚手のものより薄手のものの方が扱いやすくおすすめです。2〜3枚洗い換えであると便利です。 ピュアホワイトかナチュラルの2色に、ポルカドット柄プリントを施しています。




メイドインジャパン、エコテックス認証の安心品質です。 有害な物質が入っていない、安全性を保証する安心の証、エコテックス規格に認証されています。中でも、肌への接触が多い製品ほど厳しい基準が設けられており、この商品はその中でも最も厳しい製品分類Iの基準をクリアしています。製品分類Iは、お肌がとても敏感で、なんでも口に含んでしまう赤ちゃんでも安心安全に使える事を想定した基準です。つまり、この商品は赤ちゃんはもちろんお肌が敏感な方まで誰でも安心してお使いいただけるということの証明です。

・ 素材:コットン100% / 3枚合わせ
・ 原産国:日本
・ サイズ:70cm x 110cm 

※目の荒いガーゼ生地の特質と、四隅の千鳥仕上げのかかり具合により、 お洗濯後に、ほつれ糸が出る場合がございます。 ほつれた糸は、はさみでカットして頂きますと問題なくお使い頂けます。  

Mochiくんが生まれた時にガーゼの湯上がりタオルを購入し、一番重宝したタオルです!一般的なタオルに比べると薄手なので、最初は心もとない気がしていたけれど、使ってみるとすっと水を吸収して、とっても使い心地がいいです!ガーゼがビチョビチョになることもなく、十分水分を吸い取ってくれます。毎日使うものなので、あっという間に乾くのが嬉しいです! 他にもいくつか湯上がりタオルの商品があるので、迷ってしまいますが、どれもおすすめなので、ぜひ見比べて検討してみてください。


妊娠を機に、ロサンゼルスへ戻り出産をする事が決まり、アメリカで出産を経験した先輩ママに日本からあったら良いものを聞いて出産準備をしましたが、必ず上がったのは、ガーゼと前開きの肌着でした。ガーゼタオルも買ったのですが、片面がガーゼで片面がタオル生地のタイプを選んでいて、ガーゼ生地の合わせのものは最近まで持っていませんでした。ですが、使ってみて感動です! 吸収は良いけど、薄手なので乾きが早く、とても良いんです。さらっとお腹に掛けたりと、小さいブランケット代わりにも使えるし、タオルほどかさばらないので持ち運びにも便利。こちらのシンプルなプレーンガーゼは、飽きもこなくていいです。特に新生児期は頻繁に洗うと思いますので、何枚かあると良さそうです。お値段もかなり魅力です!

Fabric Plus muslin bath towel, made of 100% cotton that is safe for babies, Made in Japan, and Oeko-Tex certified material makes it an indispensable item for childbirth preparation. When wrapping a baby with a towel, this thin fabric is easier to handle than those with thicker ones. Recommend to have 2 to 3 towels to keep up with frequent baby's laundry loads. Polka-dot prints are cute accent on pure white or natural gauze fabric. 

Pure and safe for babies
Amongst the gauze washcloth for baby, Fabric Plus selected the softest and thinnest gauze fabric, which has 80 ends per inch that is softer compare to 98 or 118 ends. No decoration is added. There are two colors available, pure white and natural. Both are no harmful fluorescent dye is used and no bleach is used on natural color. For first few times of use, natural one may be less absorbent compare to pure white as it has surface oil from not being bleached, but it will gain absorbency after few times of washing. Please feel the goodness and texture of natural cotton for yourself. 

Gauze fabric becomes fluffy as it is washed repeatedly and will have a nice hand feel on your skin. Since it is pressed through manufacturing process, it requires few washing. 

Made in Japan, Oeko-Tex certified
All of Fabric Plus products are certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100 (class I: for babies and small children up to the age of three), which guarantees safety without harmful substances. For products that have more contacts to the skin, they have more strict standards and Fabric Plus products have met Class I standard, which is the most strict one of all. Class I is a standard assuming that your skin is very sensitive, even babies that may put everything in their mouth can be used safely. In other words, this product is a proof that anyone can use it safely even for babies as well as people with sensitive skin.

The prerequisite for certification of textile products according to OEKO-TEXR Standard 100 is that all components of a product comply with the required criteria without exception.

・Contents:100% cotton
・Made in Japan
・Size:70cm x 110cm 

Depending on the quality of the rough gauze fabric and the amount of zigzag finishing applied at the four corners, there may be frayed threads after washing. Please cut off such threads as needed. 


When I was born Mochi-kun, I bought a gauze rushing towel and it is the most useful towel! Since it is thin compared to a general towel, I felt intrigued at the beginning, but when I try to use it absorbs water for a long time, it is very comfortable to use! Gauze does not become Bichobicho, it absorbs enough moisture. As I use it everyday, I am glad to dry in no time!

There are some other items of towel boiling, so I will get lost, but as none are recommended, please try to compare and compare.


Since we decided to return to Los Angeles after finding out that I was pregnant with Moe, I asked friends who gave birth in the US and see what kind of baby products I should bring back from Japan and all of them said gauze washcloth and front opening innerwear like that kimono style innerwear.  And it turned out that gauze washcloth is absolutely convenient and must-have! I also bought a gauze muslin bath towel, but one side was gauze and one side was terry cloth type. I recently tried muslin bath towel, and I love it! Absorption is good, and because it is thin, it dries quickly. You can also use it as a small blanket over baby's tummy, and it is lightweight and packs smaller than regular towel so it is good to travel, as well. This simple towel would be a staple for your linen closet! Especially your baby is young, you would want to do laundry frequently and it is a good idea to have couple of these as price is good, too!
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