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hugmamu-新生児から使えるガーゼ素材のよだれかけ Baby bib







・素材: 表:綿100%(五重ガーゼ) 裏:綿100%(二重ガーゼ) ・原産国:日本製 ・サイズ:新生児~2歳くらい約21x27cm) ・お手入れについて: 洗濯可 / ネット使用 / 弱30度まで / 塩素系漂白NG / アイロン中温 / 手絞りの場合は弱く / 遠心脱水の場合は短時間で / 日陰のつり干しが良い 乾燥機の使用は避けてください。



MochiくんもKaiくんもよだれがとっても多い子です。Mochiくんは最近までよだれかけをつけていないと胸がびちょびちょになるほどで、2歳2ヶ月の今でも集中したりするとダラダラとたれてます…。そんな兄弟。よだれかけが欠かせません!1日に10回ぐらいかえていた時もありました。よだれかけもいいのと今ひとつなのがあって、やっぱりいいなと思うものは、素材がいいもの。Moe mamaにベビーシャワーギフトでもらったビブは、コットンガーゼの優しい肌触り。やっぱり気に入っていて、ついついそれを手にとっているんですよね。赤ちゃんの一番デリケートな部分に直接当たるものだから、素材と安全性にこだわったものを選んであげたいです。お揃いの抱っこ紐用ベルトカバーとのセットがオススメです!




From hugmamu, 100% cotton baby bib is made in Japan in their own factories with delicate cut and sew. Bibs touch baby's  sensitive neck and mouth, so you want to choose gentle materials. Multi layers of soft gauze is lightweight yet it absorbs moisture well and keeps it comfortable. 

Bibs are the must have items for babies and make a great gift. Among newborns, babies have milks from their mouth or drools and burp. Also, babies who do not drool much also could use this kind of soft bibs later when they start eating solids. It sits soft on babies' neck and they won't be bothered by it.

※Matching baby sleeperskids sleeper (up to 6 years old)handkerchiefs and baby carrier belt cover are available. 


  • Contents: Outer layer: 100% cotton (5 layers of cotton gauze), backing: 100% cotton (2 layers of cotton gauze) 
  • Made in Japan
  • Size: 8.3 inch x 10.6 inch (Newborn up to 2 years old) 
  • How to care: machine washable, use laundry net, in luke warm water, no chlorine bleach, iron at low temperature, line dry in shade recommended. 

Mochi & Kai tend to drool a lot. Now that Mochi is 2, he drools less but when  he is concentrated, forget it... So bibs are one of the most needed items of all to keep their clothes dry! There are times that we had to change Mochi's bib 10 times a day!! So I've gone through so many bibs in the past and what I look for in them is the material, which absorbs well and good.  The bib that Moe mama gave us for Mochi's baby shower gift is made of a soft cotton gauze that I loved and use it over and over. Since it is directly hitting the most delicate part of the baby, I would like to choose the ones with good and safe material. So this hugmamu bib meets all of my expectations. It makes a perfect newborn gift set with a matching belt covers!


Baby bibs are one of the must have items from when babies start to drool and starting solid foods. There are many different designs and such and it is fun to coordinate with baby's outfits for outings. However, you do end up using the ones with practical ones. Because when babies drool, you want to wipe it as soon as possible otherwise it can cause irritations on baby's sensitive skin. And you don't want wet bibs touching baby's skin afterwards, either. So something like hugmamu's bib is good in terms of design, shape and materials. It has 5 layers of soft cotton gauze, which absorbs well and dries rather quickly. It's round and big enough to keep your baby clean and dry for a while. We've selected cute birds and strawberry prints. Colors and prints are not too bold and can go with many outfits. So I am sure it will be a "go-to" bibs for any baby!
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