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[Restock!] Silk Family シルクロングレッグウォーマー / Silk Long Leg Warmer

28.00 USD
シルクふぁみりぃから、「シルクロングレッグウォーマー」です! レッグウォーマーってとっても便利。暑かったり寒かったりの変化にササっと対応できます。 シルクふぁみりぃさんのこのレッグウォーマーは名前の通り、長いんです♪ 足首でくしゅっとさせておしゃれなレッグウォーマーにもなり、伸ばして履いてレギンスにもなり、腕にはめてアームカバーにもなる優れもの。 シルクはUVカットやデトックス効果もあり、通気性、吸湿性も抜群なので、ウールと違って1年中便利に使えますね。 ふっくらやわらかく、優しく編み上げてあるので、伸縮性もあるのに、締め付けすぎないんです。ストッキングの上から履いてもきつくないので、オフィスの冷房対策にもオススメです!  



丈 77~82cm

履き口 9.5cm(19cm)/29cm(58cm)

幅   8cm(16cm)/30cm(60cm)

・素材:絹81% ナイロン19% ・洗濯方法:手洗い・陰干し ・生産地:日本製(生地・縫製:奈良県)
・天然繊維の為、気候やロット等によりサイズ・縮率が多少前後する場合がございます。 ゆったり包み込むデザインですので、体型によってはズレ落ちる心配があります。






Silk long leg warmer by Silk Family is in!

Have you tried leg warmer before?  It is really convenient to have when you feel cold or hot, even. This one is made in extra long length. You can wear it loosely and cover your calf or stretched out to cover your tight and leg. It can also be an arm warmer, which provides effective UV protection from the sun.

It also has a detox effect, breathability, hygroscopicity is outstanding, so unlike wool it can be used conveniently all year round. 

It is knitted fluffy and soft providing great stretchability and no tight feelings. You can also layer it over the tights to keep you warm from cold air conditioner for upcoming seasons.

・Contents: Silk 81 %, Nylon 19%


One Size: Measurement(circumference)/Measurement when stretched(circumference)     

Length:30.5 ~ 32.3 inch       

Leg opening:3.5 inch(7.5 inch)/11.4 inch  (22.8inch)    

Width:3.2inch (6.3 inch) / 11.8inch (23.6 inch)    


・How to care:Hand wash・line dry in shade

・Made in Japan (in Nara prefecture)

・Measurements are based on the fit after washing. So original measurements may differ from the above. 
・Due to nature of natural fiber, there may be slight differences in sizing and shrinkage.

・It is meant to be a looser fit so depending on the body shape, there is a chance that it could fall down. 

There are various kinds of leg warmers made of silk, but I have never seen the one that is this long! Because it is light fabric, it won't get too bulky and makes it easy to use.  I want to try all different ways to wear this. Having it on leg or warm, I am glad that silk provides protection from the ultraviolet from spring to summer! People say that keep "3 necks" warm to keep your body warm. This works for 2 necks fashionably, too! 


There are people who feel their feets tend to get chilly or they don't feel anything but their calfs are cold to the touch. It is said that calfs act as second heart, which pushes back the blood that are circulated to lower body. It is a part of body that is easy to get cold and it makes blood circulation slower, which causes stress to the body. So you want to make sure that calfs area is warm even in summer time. I have been trying to keep it warmer by layering under skirts or pants, and leg warmers are handy as it won't have extra layer around waist. Silk Family offers natural fabric and I love for it. This one is something I am excited to stock in my wardrobe! 


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