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Silk Family-ふんどしショーツ Sorrel "non-stress" Shorts

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お待たせしました! 入荷しようしようと何度も試みて、いつも売り切れの人気商品!ふんどしショーツ!やっと入荷できました!



・サイズ:フリーサイズ           置き寸(周囲)/引っ張り寸(周囲)     2.ウエスト 30cm(60cm)/77cm(154cm)     3.股上    22.5cm ・素材: 絹50% コットン50%
・洗濯方法: 手洗い・陰干し ・生産地: 日本製(生地・縫製:奈良県)




冷え取りを意識し始めてから、ふんどしショーツがずっと気になって、日本で探してました。下着が知らず知らずに締め付けてしまい、血液不良や身体へのストレスから、便秘や下痢、生理痛、生理不順など様々な症状を引き起こすきっかけになるそうです。そして、締め付ける下着だと、ムレや摩擦も起きたり、なんだかいい事なさそうですね。。 シルクさんのショーツやブラは締め付けない事が特徴で、このふんどしショーツはその最骨頂! ストレスフリーな履き心地は、夜お使いいただくと快眠効果もあるとのこと。本格的なタイプはハードルがちょっと高く、こちらはサイドを結ぶ必要もなく、そしてフリルな感じが女性らしいデザインで、冷えとり初心者にもオススメです!


Long awaited Sorrel Shorts is now in stock! It is a "fundoshi" style shorts made for women for ultimate comfort! Fundoshi is a Japanese traditional undergarment for men using a strip of cloth to wrap around body, which you may have seen what Sumo wrestler is wearing. Because there is no elastic band at the edge, nothing will tighten your body.

So why fundoshi shorts for women? It is actually becoming popular in Japan. Without us knowing, our undergarments are tightening our stomach, buttocks, and flow of lymph running around crotch areas. By wearing such tight fitting underwear, sympathetic nerve system gets disturbed and makes body more tense, which then makes blood flow slower and end up with swelling. So by choosing underwear that does not tighten body parts, it promotes better blood flow and restores and corrects natural body function!

Once you wear it, you will be amazed by how free you feel!!!! You won't feel like you are wearing anything! Be free and treat your body!   If you think insecure, you could start wearing it at night in the beginning. 



・Size:One size (M~L) : Measurement(circumference)/Measurement when stretched(circumference)       2. waist: 11.81 inch (23.62inch) / 30.32 inch (60.63inch) ・Material:Silk 50%, Cotton 50% (*inner layer: Silk 100%, outer layer: cotton 100%) ・How to care:hand wash only, line dry in shade ・Made in Japan. (Knitted in Nara prefecture) ・Due to using natural fiber, there may be slight variations in sizes and shrinkage. 
・On model: height 5ft 4inch, silm to average body shape


Fundoshi Shorts~!!???  Name got me, really! In searching of a non-stress underwear, I was not sure about this one mainly from the impact its name had. But more I know about what good it does to the body plus it only uses silk and cotton. Nothing beats it. Silk also offers detoxification as well as moisture retention, breathability and right amount of insulation. Now I strongly recommend this shorts for those who are looking for an ultimate relaxation and "hie-tori".


I've been looking for Fundoshi shorts for a while in Japan since I was tyring to do "hie-tori".  You may be surprised how daily wearing underwear may be distrubing blood circulation and be a cause of diarrhea, constipations, PMS, and irregular menstruation, which does not sound especially for a women. Plus tight underwear cause fliction against body.  Silk Family produces underwear that relieves such stress to the bodies, and this Fundoshi shorts is the best of the best in my opinion!  Because how stress-free it is, it is recommended to wear at night to catch better sleep. More authentic fundoshi-style garments may be little tricky to wear, and this one is rather cute and just easy to wear. So highly recommended!


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