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People Toy Company お米の歯固め【シンプルタイプ】 -Mochi teething plate



1.原料はこだわりの国産米:「お米のつみき」の原料の51%は、熊本県などの契約農家で作られた国産米(備蓄米などを使用しています)。日本人の赤ちゃんが産まれて初めて口にする食べ物「お米」を、初めてのおもちゃの原料にとりいれました。 2.製造も日本で安心の品質をお届けします材料はもちろん、おもちゃの製造も日本国内の工場で行っています。(工場内では、お米を炊くいい匂いがするんです) 3.1つ1つ丁寧に組立て:赤ちゃんはなんでも口に入れてしまうので、構造にもひと工夫。表面にネジが出てこないように組み立てています。繊細な作業のため、日本人の工員が1つ1つ丁寧に組み立てています。



• 素材: 51%日本産お米, 49%プラスチック
• 原産国:日本

• 対象年齢:3ヶ月〜

歯固めは、おもちゃの一つですが、とっても大切な発育の意味があります。早い子だと3〜4ヶ月で歯が生え始めるので、個人差はありますが、むず痒さや違和感が出てきます。欧米では、「teething pain」「teething syndrome」と呼び、negativeなものとして痛み止めのジェルを使ったりと、手厚くケアを行っています。赤ちゃんによっては夜泣きがひどくなったり、ぐずりが多くなることもありますが、歯固めには、このむず痒さを緩和させる効果もあります。 また、4ヶ月ぐらいから「吸う」事に加えて、「噛む」ことを覚え始めます。唇や舌への刺激が上手に「噛む」事につながるので、歯固めをなめたり噛んだりすることは、6ヶ月ごろから始まる離乳食への準備としても効果的なんですよ! Mochiくんは7ヶ月ごろから歯が生え始めましたが、5ヶ月ぐらいからおもちゃをカミカミし始めました。直接口に入れて、長時間舐めたり噛んだりするものなので、塗装が剥がれる心配がなく、お米で作られた日本製というのも安心なポイントですね。


歯固めに、お米を原料としてて、お米の形なんて!ピープルさんの’しゃれ’が効いてる感じで気に入ったおもちゃです。残念ながら、歯固めの時期はすぎてしまったので、今のモエには合わないのですが、ギフトでお友達にあげたいなと思ってます。お米シリーズは、塗装をしているものではないので安全なのが嬉しく、他にもマラカスに、ラッパに、歯固めリングにと、それぞれ違った用途のものが揃うので、これからおもちゃを揃える方、ギフトをお探しの方に組み合わせで選ぶのをお勧めします! おもちゃってどんどん増えてくので、せめてご家庭で揃えるのは色合いを合わせたり、同じメーカーさんのものだとちょっと統一感が出ていいかな〜、なんて思います。いただく方も、セットだと嬉しいですよね。あ、日本のパッケージと異なり、こちらで販売しているのはナチュラルなパッケージでおしゃれです!製品はすべて日本製になってます。


3 Month+
Made with 51% rice in Japan, the Mochi Teething Plate helps soothe the tender gums of any infant. The sustainable rice-plastic paired with the absence of harmful paints and adhesives means your child's first teething toy is 100% safe and 100% fun.

Perfect For Teething Infants
-Fits in baby's hands with a light thin shape
-Thumb hold for superior grip
-Bumps and Ridges provide teething relief

From The Earth To Your Home
1: 51% rice and made in Japan・・・Originally created for Japanese babies as their first solid is typically rice now made available here in the US! Rice was natural choice for their first toys. (This is not food and not meant to be eaten.) Each Mochi piece is created with rice that's harvested in Japan and then transported to our state-of-the-art facilities. The rice is mixed with a unique blend of special ingredients to create our 100% safe and sustainable Mochi rice-plastic.

2: Made in Japan・・・Material is sources in Japan and produced and assembled in Japan to assure quality. 

3: Carefully handcrafted each piece・・・Since babies lick everything they touch, it is constructed so that no small parts will come apart and made sure by person. People's engineers hand-assemble each piece to our exact specifications, free of any harmful adhesives and paints.

4: Quality control・・・Followed toy safety standard, careful quality control is conducted through packaging. The pieces are packed with love and care, before they make their trip to your home.

 ☆Notice the cloudy swirls? Those are not a mistake. They are the result of the hand-crafted process that each piece undergoes during manufacturing.

• Contents: 51% rice, 49% plastic
• Made in Japan

Teething toy, although a toy, plays an important part in baby's healthy growth. Since teeth start to grow as early as in 3 to 4 months age, babies start to get irritated and have discomforts. In the US, it is called"teething pain" or "teething syndrome", and parents sometimes use gel to stop pain or try to relieve their discomfort. Depending on the baby, the nighttime crying may become severe and teething toy does help alleviating their irritation. Also, in addition to suck reflexes,  about 4 months or so, they begin to chew. Stimulation to the lips and tongue leads to chewing, which then prepares them to eat solid food starting around 6 months. So this teething toy not only is a fun toy to play with but also to help them with their teething pain and practicing to each solid food. Mochi started to grow teeth from around 7 months, but began chewing around 5 months. Although babies put it into their mouth, you can feel at ease knowing that People Toy's teething ring has no paint and is made of safe material. 


For teething infants, giving a toy that is made of rice and in shape of rice is kind of fun concept! For Moe, too bad that she is grown out of this teething period but I would pick this one for a gift to friends just because it is extra fun! Plus this Mochi series do not have any paint so it is completely safe for teething, as well. Maraca, trumpet, teething ring ... I love that they have all different usage in the safe material. You will have tons and tons of toys as they grow up and clatter is everywhere. I may suggest picking up toys in same color family or by same toy maker just so that you have some sense of unity and look more organize, probably..  This series are great as a starter kit for that reason!  For US market, People Toy packaged them in such a cute boxes, too. But all made in Japan. 


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