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Silk Family-マリーキッズキャミ Marie Kids Cotton Silk Camisole

Color: natural
Size: O/S




・サイズ:フリーサイズ  置き寸(周囲)/引っ張り寸(周囲)        丈    40cm                          幅     14.5cm(29cm)/58cm(116cm) ・素材: コットン80% 絹20%
・洗濯方法:ネットに入れてお洗濯ください 手洗いがオススメです。詳しくは下記の「シルク製品を長持ちさせる洗濯法」をご覧ください。
・生産地:日本製(生地・縫製:奈良県) 天然繊維の為、気候やロット等によりサイズ・縮率が多少前後する場合がございます 




マリーキャミを昔から愛用していたので、キッズがあると知ってショップではぜひ取り扱いたいと思ってました。が、なかなか入手が難しく、ちょうど冬のタイミングで入荷出来ました〜! マリー生地は、真夏には少し暑いと感じるぐらい、ふわふわで程よく体にフィットするのが魅力です。朝から晩まで着て脱ぎ難いぐらいで、特に秋口から重宝してます。キッズキャミも丈が長くて、お腹が出にくいデザインなのが、活発に動き回る子供にはぴったりです。小学生まで着れちゃうというのも、とってもコスパが良くて、ますます愛用出来そうです。


A long-awaited "Marie Kids Camisole" just arrived from Silk Family!!
It is one of their best sellers and we had hard time getting them!

It is made of knit fabric using cotton and silk named Mary. It is so moist, fluffy and comfortable that you would want to feel it with your cheek.

Kids can get sweaty easily. When sweat evaporates, the body temperature drops rapidly and they get cold. Since silk is excellent in moisture absorption and absorption, it quickly absorbs sweat while keeping the body comfortable and protects their belly warm.  When they wear separate clothes, out of onesies, belly can be exposed easily when they move around.  And this camisole comes in handy. It is harder to slip out than the belly band and comfortably wraps baby's skin, so he/she will be happily wearing it. Same as adults, kids can also have their immunity and blood flow of internal organs lowered if their belly is cold, which may lead to diarrhea, constipation, disorder of autonomic nerves. Especially, come summer, air conditioning can be strong. Please protect your child from cold with this camisole.

This camisole is very stretchy and it can fit from a baby to elementary schoolers. 
We also have "Marie Cotton Silk Camisole" for adults and "Marie Kids Belly band" using the same marie cotton silk fabric.



・Contents: Cotton 80%, Silk 20%
・Size:Free size   
Width (circumference): 5.7inch / 14.5cm(11.5 inch / 29cm)
Width when stretched (circumference): 22.83inch / 58cm (45.7inch / 116cm)
・Washing instruction:Use laundry net bag when using machine wash with gentle cycle in luke warm water.  Use neutral detergent or silk/wool detergent.                           
Lay flat to dry in shade                           
Wash with like colors

  Hand-washing is best. For details, click below to see more info.

・Made in Japan (in Nara prefecture) 
・Due to using natural fiber, there may be slight variations in sizes and shrinkage. 
・Please note that colors may appear different depending on the computer screen settings.


Mochi wears 2 piece pajamas lately and his belly shows easily. So Marie Kids belly band has been a must have item for him. But still, his belly gets bare and I was waiting to get this camisole. We waited for a quite some time! It serves as a nice inner wear during day and night. I am thinking we would want to stock up on this! 


I've been a fan of Marie Camisole myself and when I learned it comes in kids size, I defintely wanted to carry at the shop. But we had to wait until they restock and we got it just in time during winter! Marie fabric is very fluffy and keeps your body nice and warm so you may feel little too hot during high summer.  I literally wear it all day long and cannot leave without it. Kids camisole is also long in length and covers tummy and hip nicely. So it is perfect for babies and young kids who are active. Because it is very stretchy fabric, it can be worn for several years!


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