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Silk Family マルベリーショーツ / Mulberry Shorts

シルクふぁみりーの、絹をたっぷりと使った、ぜいたく&ラクチンなマルベリーショーツです。リラックスショーツを展開していましたが、今回は股上深めタイプを入荷しました! 履いていないみたいなのに、履いていないよりも気持ちの良い履き心地です♪ 生地全体にほどよい厚みと伸縮があり、しっかりとお腹まわり・ヒップまわりを守ってくれます。ヒップに縫い目がなく、ウエスト部分はゴムでかゆくなってしまう方でも履けるように、ゴムは使わず「マリーコットンシルクキャミソール」の生地をゴム代わりに使っています!立体裁断なので、とっても履きやすいです!是非、ゴムストレスのないショーツをご体験ください。 たっぷりとシルクを使っているので、冷えとりにも効果的です。

冷えとりの基本は、昔から言われている「頭寒足熱」(頭を冷やして、足を温める)。半身浴・冷えとり靴下・腹8分目の正しい食事・心の健康が4つのポイントだそうです。NEST for babyでは、この中の冷えとり靴下を取り扱っています。もちろん腹巻やショーツも効果的です! 


・素材:絹90% ナイロン9% ポリウレタン1%
    ウエスト部:コットン80% 絹20%
サイズ:フリーサイズ                                     置き寸(周囲)/引っ張り寸(周囲)      ウエスト:21.5cm(43cm)/74cm(148cm)      ヒップ:30cm(60cm)/78cm(156cm)      股上:33cm      足口:13.5cm(27cm)/37cm(74cm)      腹巻丈(ウエスト幅):8cm ・洗濯方法:手洗い・陰干し 手洗いがオススメです。詳しくは下記の「シルク製品を長持ちさせる洗濯法」をご覧ください。
・生産地:日本製(生地:奈良県、縫製:福井県) ・直履きをオススメいたしますが、カバーパンツとしてもお使いいただけます。





It is a luxury and comfortable shorts by Silk Family made of 90% silk, one of their best and longest selling underwear. Compared to Relax Shorts, it has shorter inseam.

Fit is heavenly as if you are wearing nothing on or feel even better wearing. This fabric has a good thickness and stretch, which hugs belly and hip comfortably. It is a seamless design around hips and the waist part has no band, for those who are sensitive to it,  and uses fabric same as Marry cotton silk belly band. Because it is three-dimensional cutting, it is very easy to wear! Please do experience shorts without any stress. Because it uses plenty of silk, it is effective for "hie-tori". 


"Hie tori... What? "

The difference between the body temperature of upper body and lower body is called "cold". The upper body temperature is about 36 ℃ on average whereas 25 to 31℃ for lower body. And temperature of the core of the body and the surface of the skin also have a difference. This "coldness" is said to be "the origin of all kinds of illness". When a person's body gets cold, the blood vessels contract and the blood flow becomes worse. If this poor blood circulation persists, the immune system will decline or the natural healing power will fall and body will be susceptible to disease. It is the Eastern health method, which is to remove source of illness by removing "coldness" and toxins from body.

How to remove "Hie" 

The basics of "Hie tori" is "head cold and feet hot", which has been said for a long time.  Effective methods to achieve this is: half-body bath or foot bath, wearing "hie tori" socks, not over eating, and being stress-free. 

At NEST for baby, we also have "hie tori" socks set for starters!!

・Contents: Silk 90% Nylon 9% Polyurethane 1%
    ※Fabric surface touching the skin is all 100% silk. 
    Waist part:Cotton 80% Silk 20%
・Size:   One Size :measurement(circumference)/measurement when stretched(circ)      Waist:8.5 inch (16.9inch)/27.6inch (55.1inch)      Hip:11.8inch (23.6 inch)/30.7inch(62.2 inch)      Rise:13 inch      Thigh opening:5.3 inch (10.6inch )/14.6inch (29.1inch)      Waist band height:3.1inch      ・Care instruction:hand wash・line dry in shade Hand-washing is best. For details, click below to see more info. ・Made in Japan(Fabric:manufactured in Nara、Sewn in Fukui) ・Recommend wearing as an underwear but can be worn over underwear
・Measurements are based on the fit after washing. So original measurements may differ from the above. 
・Due to nature of natural fiber, there may be slight differences in sizing and shrinkage.
・Model height:163~165cm/slender body

My favorite point on this shorts is the soft waist band made of Mary Cotton Silk fabric. I also wear Mulberry Relax shorts, but this has a deeper rise, which adds more comfort. It is also perfect for pregnant women with growing belly.


I've been wearing Mulbery Relax Shorts almost daily and love how it feels on my skin. It is light, breathable and warm. Now this shorts has less inseam, which some people may prefer. It stretches well and no tightness at all!


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