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Silk Family- シルクベビー靴下 【プレーン/レース】Silk Baby Socks: Plain/Lace trim

6.50 USD
・素材:本体: 絹90% ナイロン9% ポリウレタン1%
    レース部:オーガニックコットン98% ポリウレタン2%
置き寸/引っ張り寸:足サイズ: 8.5cm/18cm
         :丈: 8.5cm
         :足口幅(周囲): 5.5cm(11cm)/14cm(28cm)




It is a baby socks using luxurious silk. It was developed after receiving moms looking for quality baby socks. Because babies control their body temperature with their limbs, their soles can get sweaty. During winter, your sole gets sweaty and becomes cold afterwards, or your feet get sticky in summer time. Silk Family's silk baby socks has right amount of stretchiness and fabric that keeps baby's feet dry, your baby can wear it comfortably anytime. 

・Contents:Body 90% Silk, 8% Nylon, 1% Polyurethane
Lace trim: 98% organic cotton, 2% Polyurethane
・Size: newborn up to 6 months old
・Flat measurements: Base length: 8.5cm, leg length: 8.5cm, cuff width: 5.5cm (11cm circumference) 
・Measurements when stretched: Base length: 18cm , cuff width: 14cm (28cm circumference)
・Wash before first use
・Lace trim is sew to outside edge so it would not touch baby's leg.
Due to nature of fabric, measurements can vary slightly and shrinkage can be expected.

Have you cared about the material of baby socks. It is often overlooked but is important for baby. There are many sensors on the back of the baby 's feet.  When you think about foot massage and how it affects your body parts, it is easy to understand  it is not an overstatement to say that the senses on sole is connected to the whole body.
I am teaching baby massage and when we apply essential oils on baby, sole is most effective and safe place to apply. People may think sole has a stiff skin, but it is actually  a sensitive part that senses various things. Socks wraps such delicate feet. I would like to choose safe and comfortable ones. Mochi takes socks off all the time, but to my surprise, he is ok wearing this one as maybe it has great breathability and moisture absorption. This simple design is unisex and organic lace trim one won't be itchy on skin so perfect for girls!

I've had hard time looking for nice baby socks for my daughter here. The ones I saw did not have quality or tight on her softmarshmallow leg that it leaves red mark. Since she is older now, we have not tried Silk Family's baby socks but it is definitely worth trying. 1 for quality and 1 for stretchability shown in above photo. Baby's feet are so soft, it may leave some marks but with that stretchy fabric, fit would be comfortable. Before they start to walk, you won't need shoes but socks come handy going out. If you match with Ikuji Kobo's kimono gown or 2 way kimono dress, it would be a nice gift for both boys and girls.   
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