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[New!] Silk Family-シルクコットン無縫製 腹巻カバーショーツ Silk-Cotton Seamless Bellyband Cover Pants

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シルクコットン無縫製 腹巻カバーショーツは、この製法を使って、オーガニックコットンとシルクを贅沢に編み上げました。 お腹とお尻をすっぽりと包み込んでくれるので、はき心地は抜群で、シルクのデトックス効果・保湿保温効果とコットンの耐久性で寒い季節にはもちろん、一年中長くお使いいただけます。 冷え性、オフィスの冷房がきになる方、妊活中、妊娠中、産後、更年期の方はぜひお試しください!
・サイズ: フリーサイズ:M~L 置き寸(周囲)/引っ張り寸(周囲)採寸位置は写真内の番号参照。       2.腹巻丈18.5cm       3.ショーツ丈25cm       4.腹巻上幅 21cm(42cm)/68cm(136cm)       5.腹巻幅 21.5cm(43cm)/68cm(136cm)       6.腹巻下幅 21.5cm(43cm)/68cm(136cm)       7.ヒップ 27cm(54cm)/78cm(156cm)       8.股下 15cm       9.足口 11.5cm(23cm)/30cm(60cm) ・素材: コットン60%(オーガニックコットン) 絹26% ポリエステル8% ナイロン4% ポリウレタン2%
・洗濯方法:手洗い ・生産地:日本製(編み立て:奈良県)




お腹周りの冷えは、女性には嬉しくないものですよね。腹巻きも良いけど、なかなか着けているうちにズレてしまったりして面倒、という方!カバーショーツをお勧めします! そして気にして欲しいのが素材!化繊のものだとチクチクしたり、汗を吸ってくれなかったり、蒸れてしまったりします。Silk Familyさんならではの製法で、こちらのカバーショーツは無縫製な上に、肌にあたる部分が絹、という優れもの。縫い目が当たること無く、一日中快適に履いていただけます。お尻からももがスースーしてるな、と思う方にもぜひ試して頂きたいです。厚みがあるしっとりとした生地で、これからの時期にバッチリ。


From our ever popular Silk Family, seamless over pants is great especially for those who tend to feel cold easily, trying to conceive, pregnant, postpartum, menopausal as it keeps your lower part of body warm for better blood circulation.

Seamless garment uses a method of weaving up a whole garment in one process having no seams. Because there is no seams, elasticity is outstanding and it fits nicely against any body shapes. And, it won't show those unwanted underwear lines under clothes. 
Silk Family uses luxurious silk and organic cotton for this cover shorts. It wraps the stomach and bottom fits comfortably, so comfort is preeminent, you can use it all year long, not to mention the cold season because of silk detoxification effect, moisturizing heat retention effect and cotton durability.


・Size:One size (M~L) : Measurement(circumference)/Measurement when stretched(circumference) *Refer to the # on the image       2.Belly band length: 7.28 inch       3.Bottom length: 9.84 inch      4.Top of bellyband width: 8.27inch (16.54inch)/26.77inch(53.54inch)      5.Belly band width: 8.46 (16.9) / 26.77 (53.54) inch       6.Belly band lower width: 8.46 (16.9) / 26.77 (53.54) inch       7.Waist: 10.63 (21.26) / 30.7 (61.42) inch       8.Inseam:5.91inch      9.Leg opening:4.53 (9.06) /11.81 (23.62) inch ・Material:Organic Cotton 60%, Silk 26%, Polyester 8%, Nylon 4%, Polyurethane 2%
 ※Using dyed organic cotton
 ※Garment it knitted so that silk is touching the skin. 
・How to care:hand wash only ・Made in Japan. (Knitted in Nara prefecture)
・Due to nature of its garment, measurements when flat can vary, but measurements when stretched are accordingly.
・Due to nature of natural threads, depending on how it is handled, there will be pilling. 
・Use as a over pants, not as a undergarment. 
・Please watch for a knitted pattern as a front. 
Due to using natural fiber, there may be slight variations in sizes and shrinkage. 
・On model: height 5ft 4inch, silm to average body shape


 Have you been annoyed by the seams of your clothing, especially underwear and leggings? I have and really needed to try Silk Family's seamless series. Once I tried it on, wow! How amazing it feels on my body. No discomfort or whatsoever. I've worn overpants by Restfolk throughout my pregnancy. This one has silk and cotton, so it can ben worn all year long. Your body tends to weaken because you have poor circulation due to cold.  So why don't you take care of your body and mind with it? 


For women, you want your belly area to be warmer for better blood circulation. You may use belly band, but it can ride up and not comfortable. I definetly recommend wearing this kind of over pants! And you want to make sure that it is natural material as much as possible, as synthetic fibers may be irritating on your skin or not as ventilating as natural fibers. I love Silk Family for their material choices and techniques. This over pants has no seams and the side that is touching the skin is knitted with silk only. You will wear it all day long without any discomfort. For those who feel cold around hip and thigh areas, this is highly recommended! 


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