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Silk Family-シルク無縫製らくフィットブラタンクトップ Silk Seamless Bra Tanktop

Color: Black
シルク無縫製らくフィットブラタンクトップは、この製法を使って、シルクをたっぷり使って贅沢に優しく編み上げました。最初大きく編み上げた後に、縮める加工をしているので、体型に合わせてジャストフィットするんです。 身体にフィットする伸縮性のある生地感で、ふわっとラクに気持ちよく来ていただけます。シルクのデトックス効果と保温保湿性はタンクトップなどの肌着に最適です。普段の化繊の肌着から変えていただくだけで違いがわかると思います。 ブラカップを入れることができるので、これ一枚でストレスフリーに過ごすことができますよ! 冷え性、オフィスの冷房がきになる方、妊活中、妊娠中、産後、更年期の方もぜひお試しください。
・サイズ:フリーサイズ  置き寸(周囲)/引っ張り寸(周囲)採寸位置は写真内の番号参照。       2.総丈   47.5~49cm
      3.バスト  23cm(46cm)/80cm(160cm)       4.アンダー  23cm(46cm)/80cm(160cm)       5.袖ぐり 14cm(28cm)/41cm(82cm) ・素材: 絹76% ナイロン21% ポリエステル2% ポリウレタン1% ・洗濯方法: 手洗い・陰干し



このブラタンク、本当に良いです!!!!! 肌にあたる縫い目が無いのも快適で、何よりも程よく体にフィットしてくれるので、優しく包まれて何も着てないぐらい心地が良いです! でもホールドもちゃんとしてくれますよ。体が喜ぶ、とはこの事だと思います。天然素材で肌に優しいブラトップは他では絶対に見つかりません! もうこれがあれば他のブラは必要ない、と思ってます。 ニットなので摩擦によって若干の毛玉は生じます。また、ブラパッドをお使いいただくのですが(付属はされてません)、少し透けて見えます。



From our ever popular Silk Family, seamless bra tanktop is great especially for those who tend to feel cold easily, trying to conceive, pregnant, postpartum, menopausal as it keeps your lower part of body warm for better blood circulation.

Seamless garment uses a method of weaving up a whole garment in one process having no seams. Because there is no seams, elasticity is outstanding and it fits nicely against any body shapes. And, it won't show those unwanted underwear lines under clothes. 
Silk Family uses luxurious silk and organic cotton for this seamless bralette. It wraps the body comfortably, you can use it all year long, not to mention the cold season because of silk detoxification effect, moisturizing heat retention effect and cotton durability.

For those with larger busts, since there is no wire or structure, fit is going to be loose.


・Size:One size (S~L) : Measurement(circumference)/Measurement when stretched(circumference) *Refer to the # on the image       2. Length: 18.7~19.3 inch                   3. Bust: 9.05 (18.1) / 31.5 (63) inches      3.Under bust: 9.05(18.1) / 31.5 (63) inches      4.Underarm:  5.5(11) / 16.14(32.28) inches       ・Material:Silk 76%, Nylon 21%, Polyester 2%, Polyurethane 1% ・How to care:hand wash only, line dry in shade Hand-washing is best. For details, click below to see more info. ・Made in Japan. (Knitted in Nara prefecture) ・Bra pad is not included. Please see here. 
・Due to nature of its garment and material, edge may have loose thread. However, once it is washed, it will get tighten up. So please do not pull on the loose threads. 
・Due to using natural fiber, there may be slight variations in sizes and shrinkage. 
・On model: height 5ft 4inch, silm to average body shape


Ever since I was pregnant with Mochi, bra-tanktop is the only thing I wear. So I've tried many different ones from those with nylon, cotton, cross over bra, spagetti strap ones and so on. Now I am breast feeding, cross over bra type is more convenient. One thing I get irritated was the seams against my body. Not all the time, but sometimes, I feel itchy. So trying this seamless bra tanktop is a game changer! No seams, no worries. I would recommend this to anyone who has ever felt uncomfortable with the seams sticking against your body. 


I am in LOVE with this bra tanktop!!!!! It hugs your body just right amount and you feel like you are wearing nothing or makes you feel happy!! It is HEAVENLY. If you are in search of bra tanktop that is gentle on your skin, you just found one!  

Since it is a knit fabric, there will be slight pilling after wearings. You need to insert bra pad (not included), and it will show like photo. 


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